Absolute Britney

Celebrate the outstanding career of the undisputed ‘Princess of Pop’ Miss Britney Spears in this unparalleled production starring Lucy Rose as Absolute Britney.

Lucy Rose is the definitive Britney spears Impersonator, mirroring everything from Britney’s iconic costumes to her timeless choreography. Lucy’s ability to imitate the voice, style, mannerisms, and legendary dance moves is what sets Lucy apart from the rest. Not only does Lucy look like Britney but she sounds like her too and without a lip sync in sight!

Absolute Britney recreates Britney’s most iconic live performances. The Show will take you on a nostalgic journey performing Britney’s smash hit singles- like “Baby One More Time”, “Toxic”, “Crazy”, “Oops… I Did It Again”, “Circus”, “Womanizer”, “Work B*tch”, “Lucky” and Many More! Expect Costume reveals, high energy routines and plenty of girl power!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AbsoluteBrit

Website: www.absolutebritney.co.uk